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Are there any other checks I should have on my new home before completion? The short answer is yes ?

  • A gas Safety check
  • Electrical inspection condition report
  • EPC ( Energy Performance certificate )
  • Legionella Risk Assessment

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Gas CP12 (Gas Safety Check)

What is Gas Safety?

In simple terms, a CP12 gas certificate is a record that shows all gas appliances in the house you are buying are secure and safe to use

Only Gas safe registered engineers can legally undertake gas work at a property whether it’s on appliances, flues or pipework. Your homebuyer or structural surveys might not confirm if the gas appliances in your new property are working as they should be and this is something you should check to avoid any surprises

Why have a gas safety certificate?

Unsafe appliances can cause Carbon Monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires and explosions which is why we always advise you get them checked before you move in.

On top of safety you run the risk of unexpected costs for broken boilers so why not get these checked first!

We know moving home can be a stressful time with lots to consider but safety should be top priority to ensure you don’t put yourself or family in danger. Heating issues may not be your only problem if your new homes gas appliances are faulty.

Renting out your property?

Landlords are responsible for their properties and have a duty of care to their tenants. As a Landlord you need to make sure you have a valid gas safety certificate for each of your rented properties.

Why choose Vibrant for your Gas safety check?

Vibrant have national coverage to support you with your gas safety requirements wherever you are in the country.

Our services include:

  • CP12
  • CP12 + Boiler Servicing
  • 24 hour emergency callouts and repairs
  • Boiler installs and repairs

Competitively priced and MOST IMPORTANTLY safe and reliable

What does a gas safety check involve?

  • Check on ventilation passages to ensure they are not blocked and are operating correctly.
  • Ensure safety devices such as carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms are operating effectively.
  • Ensure gas appliances are burning at the recommended pressure.
  • Ensure there is proper circulation of air and harmful gasses completely gets out of the house.
  • Perform a safety check to ensure that fitting and pipes are in right working conditions

EICR ( A health check on your electrics )

An EICR (electrical inspection condition report) is produced by a qualified electrician and covers the inspection of all electrical installations in the property.

What does an EICR check involve?

It will rate each circuit with a grade of either C1 (danger present), C2 (potentially dangerous), C3 (improvement recommended) or FI (further investigation required without delay).

Why have an EICR?

Having an EICR carried out along with your survey, before you agree a purchase can identify if you are going to be purchasing a property that requires further work that would have otherwise been an unwelcome surprise and potentially costly.

Instead of discovering the property needs a complete re-wire the day after you move in, this could have been identified by the EICR and giving you warning or aid in negotiations.

EPC (Energy Performance certificate)

Having a valid EPC goes hand in hand with marketing a property for sale or rental as it is a legal requirement to have one. However, an EPC can provide useful information about the property and any improvements that can be made to improve its energy efficiency and thus reducing fuel bills and its carbon emissions.

An EPC uses standard occupancy to calculate likely energy usage and potential savings which makes it comparable to other properties giving you an indication of your likely fuel bills in your new property.

Why choose Vibrant to provide an EPC?

Not only do Vibrant have national coverage, highly trained DEAs and a wealth of experience and knowledge. They also have an extremely knowledgeable support network to answer any questions and also offer a consultancy providing a detailed analysis of the EPC in order to provide the best route to compliance and/or energy efficiency improvements

Legionella Risk Assessment

What is Legionella?

A Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA) is carried out to assess the level of risk that Legionella bacteria could cause infection.

  • A naturally occurring bacteria found in water
  • Found in environments such as:
  • Showers and taps; Hot tubs; Decorative fountains and water features; Hot water tanks and water heaters
  • Legionnaire’s disease is acquired by inhaling infected aerosols deep into the lungs
  • Legionnaires disease is a (potentially) fatal form of pneumonia
  • There are (on average) approximately 250 – 350 cases per annum
  • It is a very serious disease with a fatality rate of c12%

Why have a Legionella Risk Assessment?

A legionella risk assessment not only identifies the risk levels of the property as a whole and for each individual ‘asset’ but also provides guidance on how the level of risk can be mitigated or reduced.

Having a legionella risk assessment carried out could also identify any issues with the hot and cold water distribution system, hot water heater and outlets that would be beneficial to resolve prior to taking up occupancy.

Renting out your property?

A landlord of a rented property has a duty of care, under health and safety law, to ensure that they have done a much as reasonably possible to minimise the risk of an occupant of their property acquiring legionnaires disease. Part of the requirement to prove this is to have a legionella risk assessment carried out in order to comply with the provisions of the approved code of practice.

What does the check involve?

A trained legionella risk assessor will attend the property and inspect every aspect of the hot and cold water system from when the water first enters the property through to coming out of an outlet.

Visual inspects of each asset are carried out and temperatures of both hot and cold water are recorded.

Photographic evidence is taken, where required, and the digital system produces a comprehensive report for review.

Why choose Vibrant for your LRA?

Compliant – Our Assessors are highly trained and undergo regular, comprehensive compliancy checks meeting the required Legionella Control Association, and Health and Safety Executive’s standards.

Experience – We have over 70 trained Legionella Assessors who carry out hundreds of LRAs every month.

Coverage – With Assessors located across the UK, we can assess properties covering every postcode and provide a report within 48 hours.

Support – If there is any aspect of the report that is not understood, then Vibrant’s technical team is on hand to answer your questions.

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